Yanina Robertsson


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina Yanina has no issue with spices, mixes or the non-orthodox. She’s a modernist who creates magnificent mindscapes for restaurants, hotels and events. All with the brand concept and users experience in focus. She brings the warmth of her native Latin American culture into the Scandinavian Modern making it less cold and antiseptic.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” - Yanina Robertsson


Spis&Deli Counter
Spis&Deli Side Dining Room
Spis&Deli Main Dining Room
Spis&Deli Behind the Counter
Spis&Deli Detail
Spis&Deli Entrance

Pio Country Club

Pio Country Club Lounge
Pio Country Club Veranda
Pio Country Club Exterior
Pio Country Club Grand Entrance
Pio Country Club Lovers Bedroom
Pio Country Club Buddha Bedroom