Gohar Mossavarrahmani


Gohar is the founder of Delicious Darling and, somehow, everything that happens passes through her. Eager to gain knowledge and control, she’s always tried to understand all the details in what she’s encountered. As a teenager she participated in many sports, gaining her both National and International recognition and medals. But, despite her nurse exam, she found herself more and more in depth with the management side of her free time activities. Soon her qualities as a Project Manager and Developer was asked for beyond her own sports activities. Championship events, organisations that, desperately, needed recruiting and reorganizing,  even schools that saw a decline in the overall sports interest among pupils have been clients to her. By founding Delicious Darling she’s created a slimline organisation to answer to the needs and demands of any type of customer – be that a person, organisation, service or brand.

“Not anywhere, in any park, will you find a statue of a committee” - Gohar Mossavarrahmani
2015 World Overall Championships, Norrkoping, Sweden
Norrkoping Fencing Club
Norrkoping Badminton Club
2013 World Overall Championships, Norrkoping, Sweden