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Gohar Mossavarrahmani

Gohar is the founder of Delicious Darling and, somehow, everything that happens passes through her. Eager to gain knowledge and control, she's always tried to understand all the details in what she's encountered. As a teenager she participated in many sports, gaining her both National and International recognition and medals. But, despite her nurse exam, ... More

Peter Wittinghoff

Advertising man with international experience, both digital and old fashioned analogue, that believe it is authenticity that builds and nourish brands. With three decades of experience, Peter now how to drill for the true meaning and the unique proposal of any brand to capture its audience. A good brand story will halt dinner conversation and make everybody ... More

Yanina Robertsson

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina Yanina has no issue with spices, mixes or the non-orthodox. She's a modernist who creates magnificent mindscapes for restaurants, hotels and events. All with the brand concept and users experience in focus. She brings the warmth of her native Latin American culture into the Scandinavian Modern making it less cold ... More